Mr Colin Holburn's Clinical Experience

Significant experience in all areas of emergency medicine has enabled a diverse and successful medico-legal portfolio.
  • Emergency medicine (A&E)/Intensive care
  • Personal injury causes
  • TIA and Stroke assessment and emergency care
  • Multiply-injured (trauma) patients (hospital care)
  • Major burns (acute management)
  • Cauda equina diagnosis
  • Emergency pre-hospital care
  • Hand, wrist and upper limb injuries and surgery
  • Resuscitation (hospital care)
  • Medical malpractice & medical negligence
  • Head injury (initial care)

Key Areas of Medico-Legal Assistance.

Mr Holburn's diverse a varied experience of medico-legal cases in emergency medicine can be focussed in these main areas:

Mr Holburn, Medico-Legal Expert Witness in Accident & Emergency Medicine

Significant experience, leading to successful outcomes.

Mr Colin Holburn is experienced in providing reports and court appearances including inquests.

No. of reports per year


No. of reports in last 3 years


Court appearances in the last year


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Member of the Expert Witness Institute

Member of the Academy of Experts

Association of Personal Injury Lawyers

Action Against Medical Accidents

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