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Expert Reporting By Pedmore Medical

medical expert Mr HolburnDiagnosis, treatment and assessing clinical conditions needs to be conducted with the utmost quality, expertise and professionalism. Without high-quality reporting, you risk your case and limit the potential for your client. Mr Colin Holburn, owner of Pedmore Medical, can help to give independent advice and reporting for your case with experienced clinical expertise and consultancy.

Trusted, professional service

Every case needs to be efficient, accurate and thorough. With our wealth of experience offering medico-legal services for clinical negligence, we know the importance of high-quality reporting. The repercussions of poor reporting may weaken the strength of the argument and therefore the outcome of the case. Furthermore a report that does not identify the issues and a clear  expert opinion means wasting time and money asking for with clarification.

Mr Holburn ensures that every report, assessment and opinions are thorough and comprehensive. He has a proven track record of providing detailed and helpful reports as well as successfully standing and delivering expert testimony as a witness in courts.

What clinical conditions can we help with?

  • Our recent clinical negligence expertise includes preparing reports on
  • Missed fractures including scaphoid fractures
  • Diagnosis of cauda equina syndrome
  • Diagnosis of DVT and Pulmonary Embolism
  • Management of overdoses including paracetamol
  • Treatment of head injuries
  • Treatment of hand injuries
  • Use of NICE guidelines and pathways
  • Mr Holburn provides both brief initial reports at fixed cost or full CPR Part 35 reports on the standard of care on the above and other conditions seen within the Emergency Department

Criminal Expert reporting

Mr Holburn can provide you with expert evidence on the causation of injuries incurred ass a result of possible criminal activity

This includes injuries caused by blunt and sharp injuries,human and animal bites.

If you would like to contact Mr Holburn, please click here. He can assist with all medico-legal enquiries within a day.

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