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premium medico-legal servicesPedmore Medical is owned by Mr Colin J Holburn and is an established and experienced medico-legal provider. Mr Holburn delivers a range of medical services and support that are needed for medico-legal matters. One of the most difficult areas to address in the legal profession is medical expert causation. Not only is the medical expertise of professional doctors required but also, the right level of communication to help define the evidence of causation clearly and confidently. 

Mr Holburn has extensive medico-legal experience and is fully aware of all the legal principles and processes that make up a medical case. He not only determines the value of the claim with meticulous detail and efficient processing, but also provides the reports with opinions that are meaningful, clear and essential to your case. 

Medical expert causation of injuries

Mr Holburn will review all medical notes to assess the condition of the patient and provide a comprehensive, high-quality report. With medical expertise, he can also examine the patient and take the time to understand symptoms and prognosis for further evidence.  This detailed report can then prove causation which can be essential for your claim. 

What Mr Holburn can offer

With a high-quality, swift and bespoke service, Mr Holburn can offer a range of medical-legal solutions that are tailored to suit your requirements.

These include;

  • Expert evidence in clinical negligence claims
  • Expert evidence in the causation of injuries
  • Pagination and summary of medical records
  • Specialist evidence at inquests
  • Expert medical evidence in criminal cases.

Mr Colin Holburn is committed to providing invaluable medical support to the legal profession.

Working with you to provide the services that you need Mr Holburn offers expert medical testimony and reporting, providing engaging and effective training to your legal team as required. Being entirely flexible is a priority so that you receive tailored solutions to suit your needs and assistance with the whole of your medico-legal organisation with all aspects relating to medical matters. 

If you would like to contact Mr Holburn, please click here. He can assist with all medico-legal enquiries within a day.

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