Expert Witness Administration Problems?

Are You Overwhelmed With Admin As An Expert Witness?

expert witness administration

Are you struggling to organise your expert witness practice? Do you have difficulty recovering your fees? I can help.

Nowadays subject-matter expertise and knowledge of the role as an expert witness is simply not enough. Sure, you can offer an expert opinion. And writing cogent and concise reports is a given. I’m certain you will have attended a number of case conferences. You may even have appeared in court. 

But how good is your administration? Do you even think about it?

Expert witnesses are not immune from the financial penalties that can be applied for non-compliance in case management arrangements. Expert witnesses can even be sued by an instructing party if they fail to keep to court directions and timetables. To put it bluntly, the costs of failed administration can be painful. In your wallet and reputation.

So let’s face it, today’s expert witnesses cannot afford to ignore their administration. It’s not what we want; it’s not what we ‘do’. But it is the firm foundation upon which our business and our reputation will thrive.

Just ask yourself four questions:

  1. Am I able to accurately capture my fees?
  1. Do I have clear Terms & Conditions for the services I offer?
  1. Do they cover the costs that I will necessarily incur?
  1. Do they stipulate the timeframe within which I expect to be paid?

If the answer to any of these questions is “no” then try one more:

  1. Am I simply relying on the goodwill of my instructing solicitors, their clients, and the courts “to do the right thing”?

But, I hear you cry, it’s hard enough keeping up to speed with the law regarding expert witnesses and my area of expertise. I don’t have time to run a business.

And therein lies the problem. You have to make time. Or at least know how to share the burden.

So what should you do?

There are many potential solutions. You’ve probably already considered some of them.

Have you thought about employing a secretary or a virtual PA? Have you dismissed it as an unnecessary or unaffordable expense? Perhaps it’s time to think again.

Have you suffered anxiety attacks when grappling with the multitude of apps out there that are designed to make your life easier but seem to have an impossibly steep learning curve to understand? Perhaps you need to draw on another expert for advice.

Have you ever considered just turning down work just because it is too risky–financially or reputationally–and how do you assess that risk ?

Have you thought about turning to an established expert witness for guidance and advice?

Testimonial: Nadir Osman

Many thanks for a most helpful session! I really appreciated the great insights and that you directly and succinctly answered the questions I had. This is really just what I needed at the beginning of my medicolegal practice, With very best wishes,

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