Clinical Negligence Service

Clinical Negligence Services

clinical negligence services

Clinical negligence can be complex legal process. To help with the case, you need a concise, objective and expert opinion. Mr Holburn at Pedmore Medical offers a range of medico-legal services to help with a variety of clinical negligence claims. From estimates to attendance in court, Mr Holburn provides expertise and professionalism throughout every stage of the case. 

Clinical negligence is a serious legal case that must prove whether a duty of care was owed or breached as well as the causation of harm. In cases of clinical negligence, action must be swift and efficient.  


The clinical negligence services provided

From the start of the case to the end, Mr Holburn can provide the range of clinical negligence medico-legal services that you need;

  • Advice and indicators of approximate costs
  • Brief preliminary reports with a rapid response
  • Standard Reports prepared within three months of formal instructions
  • Feedback and answers written, comments on statements, reports and claim forms
  • Conferences with counsel attended as required
  • The arrangement of expert meetings
  • Joint reports prepared within court timetable
  • Attendance at court if needed. 

Mr Holburn provides a professional and flexible service to give you to counsel, advice, reports and expertise that you need for any clinical negligence case. His exacting standards ensure that the offered services are thorough, objective and clear for legal proceedings. Considerable detail and care go into the crafting of his reports, providing professionalism, objectivity and medical expertise at all times.

With clinical negligence covering a broad spectrum, Mr Holburn’s considerable experience can help with every scenario originating from emergency medicine. This includes (but is not exclusive of)

      • failure to diagnose,
      • making the wrong diagnosis
      • failing to or giving incorrect treatment  

Mr Holburn will meticulously assess and review all available information to provide a clear, objective expert opinion. 

With high-quality reports and a career of emergency room expertise, Mr Colin Holburn can provide the medico-legal expertise that you need for your case. 

If you would like to contact Mr Holburn, please click here. He can assist with all medico-legal enquiries within a day.

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