Criminal Medico-Legal Assistance

How Mr Holburn Can Assist Criminal Medico-Legal Enquiries

criminal medico-legal casesInjuries sustained during a crime are often explained by the parties involved as having been caused in an alternative manner. However, with skill, it is clear to the trained eye that a different causation can be ascertained, often very helpful for medico-legal enquiries.

Whilst is for the court to decide which of the explanations is the truth, once an expert review of the injuries is heard then this may provide an opinion as to whether one explanation is likely or less likely.

Mr Holburn has over 25 years experience in treating patients attending the Emergency Department with injuries caused by assaults. With this career experience, he can review the injuries sustained and provide witness evidence and give an opinion as to how these injuries were caused.

With an experience covering over 2500 reports, Mr Holburn understands the process for providing expert evidence to the Criminal courts and has given evidence in both the Magistrates and Crown Court.

If you would like to contact Mr Holburn, please click here. He can assist with all medico-legal enquiries within a day.

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