10th March 2020

Preparing For The Coroner’s Court As An Expert Witness

Reviewing the documentary evidence The Coroner, while properly going about their investigation into a death, will accumulate a number of documents. These will be both contemporaneous notes […]
10th March 2020
preparing to attend an inquest

Preparing to attend the inquest

Possibly after receiving all the evidence, including the expert report, the Coroner may decide that the evidence leads to a conclusion and therefore the need for […]
10th March 2020
preparing the report for the coroner

Preparing The Report For The Coroner

There are a number of templates, outlines and training courses all of which help experts in the preparation of their reports. It is up to individuals how […]
4th March 2020
preparation coroner's court

Preparation, preparation, preparation: Giving Evidence as an Expert Witness to the Coroner

The Coroner’s Questioning of the Expert Witness For the expert witness or indeed any witness called to give evidence this can mean that in addition to the […]
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