17th September 2020
inhaled foreign body

High-risk ingested or inhaled foreign bodies

An ingested or inhaled foreign body (FB) is a common reason for presentation to the Emergency Department. Although this problem can be encountered in every age […]
9th September 2020
being paid for medico-legal work

How to get paid: strategies for receiving timely payments for your medicolegal work

One topic that inevitably comes up whenever medicolegal experts congregate is payment. In fact, surveys show that most experts are concerned about payment to some extent. […]
2nd September 2020
paediatric fractures

Paediatric fractures: distinctive features of the immature skeleton

The paediatric skeletal system is unique in that it allows for rapid growth and change. The main differences between the paediatric and adult skeletons are that […]
26th August 2020
foreign bodies in the skin

Foreign bodies in the skin: identification, exploration and removal

Patients presenting to the Emergency Department (ED) with soft tissue wounds are a common occurrence. One imperative of the attending physician is to carefully assess these […]
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