18th August 2020
hand injuries

Correct Diagnosis and Treatment of Hand Injuries

Hand injuries are rarely life-threatening, but they can lead to significant, life-altering complications. They also make up about 5% of Emergency Department attendances. Injuries to the […]
4th May 2020
cauda equina medico-legal

Cauda equina syndrome and a medico-legal responsibility

Cauda equina syndrome, where multiple nerves are compressed in the lower spine causing bladder and bowel dysfunction, is a serious condition. When the syndrome is fully […]
24th March 2020
medical expert

What Makes a Good Expert?

In my previous post, I outlined some important factors to consider before starting your own medico-legal practice. Here, I would like to explore the criteria that […]
17th March 2020
establishing a medico-legal practice

Establishing a Successful Medico-legal Practice

As a clinician, you have likely acquired many of the tangential but necessary skills that ensure your professional success. The good news is, you can build […]
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