expert witness

30th July 2020
medical expert

Expert Struck Off: An Update

I have previously talked about Dr Zafar and his conviction for contempt of court due to changing his evidence at the behest of his instructing solicitors. […]
6th July 2020
medico-legal witness

Saying Yes Or No To A Medico-Legal Case: Does It Matter?

Starting to work as a medico-legal witness has both intellectual and financial rewards and indeed the justice system could not deliver justice without the help of […]
10th March 2020

Preparing For The Coroner’s Court As An Expert Witness

Reviewing the documentary evidence The Coroner, while properly going about their investigation into a death, will accumulate a number of documents. These will be both contemporaneous notes […]
4th March 2020
preparation coroner's court

Preparation, preparation, preparation: Giving Evidence as an Expert Witness to the Coroner

The Coroner’s Questioning of the Expert Witness For the expert witness or indeed any witness called to give evidence this can mean that in addition to the […]
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