22nd December 2020
virtual court proceedings

A virtual trial: reflections

I was recently an expert witness in a trial that became a virtual trial using the Court Service video platform a browser based conferencing platform. While […]
16th November 2020

Why Ask For Help?

Both athletes and actors not only perform but practice their skills. They seek out the best coaches to mentors and assist their progress. It is a recognised […]
12th October 2020
side hustle medicolegal

“Side Hustle” or Business

Disclaimer: This post is for information only. It does not constitute either legal or financial advice and anyone taking action based on this article should take […]
9th September 2020
being paid for medico-legal work

How to get paid: strategies for receiving timely payments for your medicolegal work

One topic that inevitably comes up whenever medicolegal experts congregate is payment. In fact, surveys show that most experts are concerned about payment to some extent. […]
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