18th August 2020
hand injuries

Correct Diagnosis and Treatment of Hand Injuries

Hand injuries are rarely life-threatening, but they can lead to significant, life-altering complications. They also make up about 5% of Emergency Department attendances. Injuries to the […]
10th August 2020
eye trauma

Foreign Bodies in the Eye: what is the extent of injury?

A foreign body (FB) in the eye usually affects the cornea or the conjunctiva. A patient presenting to the Emergency Department (ED) with this concern may […]
3rd August 2020
headaches presenting emergency department

Primary vs secondary headaches in the emergency department

Patients presenting to the Emergency Department with a chief complaint of acute headache are a relatively common occurrence. A headache can be a symptom of many […]
30th July 2020
medical expert

Expert Struck Off: An Update

I have previously talked about Dr Zafar and his conviction for contempt of court due to changing his evidence at the behest of his instructing solicitors. […]
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