30th June 2020
hip pain in children

Medico-Legal Guidance: Differential diagnosis of childhood hip pain

A common cause for hip pain in children is transient synovitis (irritable hip), a condition usually treated with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and rest. The main challenge […]
22nd June 2020
testicular torsion

Testicular Torsion: Risky assumptions vs established practice

When a patient presents to the Emergency Department with testicular pain, an accurate diagnosis may prove difficult as there could be any number of underlying causes. […]
18th June 2020
appendicitis guidelines

Differentiating Appendicitis in the Emergency Room

Abdominal pain in a common presentation to the Emergency Department. Differentiating benign causes for this symptom from more serious illness is one of the skills required […]
9th June 2020
canadian c spine rules

Guidelines for Investigating C-Spine Injuries

Guidelines for Investigating C-Spine Injuries I have previously written about fractures that can be missed in the Emergency Department, especially if the attending physician does not […]
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