27th July 2020
medical record keeping and documentation

Under the Microscope: the importance of meticulous record-keeping and analysis

I have previously emphasized how important it is for a medico-legal expert to demonstrate objectivity and diligence. These qualities are indispensable especially in compiling and reviewing […]
22nd July 2020
pathological fractures

Pathological Fractures and Expert Guidelines

I have previous written about fractures and why it is important for the clinician to assess patients fully and if required undertake imaging studies to exclude  […]
15th July 2020
neck of femur fracture

Neck of Femur Fractures in Adults

Neck of femur fractures occur when the top part of the leg bone, just below the joint, is fractured. This is a common medical emergency among […]
6th July 2020
medico-legal witness

Saying Yes Or No To A Medico-Legal Case: Does It Matter?

Starting to work as a medico-legal witness has both intellectual and financial rewards and indeed the justice system could not deliver justice without the help of […]
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