4th May 2020
cauda equina medico-legal

Cauda equina syndrome and a medico-legal responsibility

Cauda equina syndrome, where multiple nerves are compressed in the lower spine causing bladder and bowel dysfunction, is a serious condition. When the syndrome is fully […]
28th April 2020
contempt of court

Expert Struck off – A salutary lesson

Dr Asef Zafar, the General Practitioner acting as a medical expert in the case of Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company v Khan and others [2018] was convicted of […]
24th April 2020
scaphoid fracture

Pitfalls in Emergency Medicine: The missed scaphoid fracture

Imagine this scenario: A patient attends the Emergency Department with a wrist injury and after assessment and X-ray is reassured and discharged. After experiencing prolonged pain […]
20th April 2020

Chasing Changing Guidelines

In previous posts, I have written about the need for the expert witness to be up to date with and cognisant of current practice. This is […]
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